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Russell Hochenedel
Game Programmer
       Welcome, though you may not know me if you got here it means we might get to know each other soon, so let me share a little about myself. I recently graduated from Digipen Institute of technology. I am experienced in many fields of game programming. I have written game logic, A.I., and physics code, but my main love is graphics. I feel most at home when I am developing a new shader.
       I recently finished my first full graphics engine for my senior year game for Digipen, Agamemnon's Curse (you can watch the trailor below or click here). The game is a third person adventure with Tomb Raider like gameplay and plenty of physics puzzles to knock around the player. The engine is an HLSL shader based graphics engine written in DirectX. I implemented many interesting effects for it like the HDR bloom effect and a Heat Shimmer or Heat Haze effect.

Last Update: 8/5/07
Contact Info:
Email: Russ.Hochenedel@gmail.com
Phone: ( 425 ) 241 - 8750
Resume: doc file