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Russell Hochenedel
Agamemnon's Curse: (official site) (watch the trailer) (Team of 5) A work in progress, this is my senior year game at Digipen and will release in april. It  is a third person adventure game with Tomb Raider like gameplay and physics puzzles to pummel the player.
Agamemnon's Curse Source
Game Vids: You can get see some older vids of this game on youtube.com
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w2kcjEhgMQ - shows off the lava level with all the bloom on it (this video was recorded before heat shimmer was implemented)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYEFoSnhPwg - shows off the vertex motion blur, ragdoll, and replay system pretty well
What I did: Graphics engine and shaders, Skeleton framework for the game.
       I implemented Phong illumination with multiple point lights for realistic lighting. I also used The HDR Bloom effect to enhance the look. To make the torches light things as though they were burning violently, I am simply making the light source move randomly near the top of the torches.
       The lighting on the smoke you see in the screen below is achieved simply because the particle normals are pointed  out to make the quad look somewhat round.

       I recently re-organized the engine. Now for each list of objects to be drawn and for each Full Screen Effect I wish to display, now I can load in every parameter I need to render it. Essentially I made the way the engine renders scriptable. This should speed development of new effects and make them easier to debug as well.

       Recently I added a Heat Shimmer effect. It is a full screen effect for our level with a lava floor. The effect attenuates with depth (the closer it is, the less wavy things are). It is animated by scrolling the noise texture used for offsetting. I will post a video of the effect in action when I get a chance to do some video capture of our game. In the mean time you will just have to believe me about the heat shimmer, but I will post an image of me rendering the depth info of each pixel in preparation for the attenuation factor.
Fling: (Team of 4) My junior year project. It is a fast paced third person artillary game.
What I did: I Wrote the physics and sound engines
Fling Source
       I implemented the normal basic things in any 3D Physics engine: Euler Integration, colision detection between discrete objects (sphere, axis aligned box, oriented box). Also I implemented simple swept volume collision between objects and the heightmap to keep things from jumping through the heightmap.
       The physics framerate is forced to twenty frames per second to allow for more complex AI and physical interaction between upwards of a thousand objects.
Bacon Pirate in Space: (team of 5) My sophmore game at Digipen. It is a fast paced joust clone with comical weaopns.
What I did: Physics engine using Euler integration and circular collision detection and response. Base A.I. behavior. Input key mapping.
       I did a little of everything on this game. I implemented the physics code (spherical collision / response), the AI framework and base behaviors, two of the fours weapons (boomerang and sticky garbage), arranged the platforms for at six of the levels, created several interactive objects (conveyor platforms, sticky garbage spawner)
Other games I have worked on:
       Epicenter - assisted in the development of the physics engine.
       Skill Pickles - wrote the inventory management system and the item implementations.
Contact Info:
Email: Russ.Hochenedel@gmail.com
Phone: ( 210 ) 279 - 0920
Resume: doc file