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Russell Hochenedel
Personal Interests
Games - I like programming games, so you can assume I like playing them, here is a current list of my favs
Favorite Games: The first two don't really fit into an ordinary genre, but the are worthy of mention

       Guardian Heroes - Sega Saturn - For those of you that haven't played it, simply know that this is quite possibly the best game ever. It is a fighting / side-scrolling / RPG with an incredible number of paths to take through the game, and 6 player versus.

       Dragonforce - Sega Saturn - a real-time tactics game of epic proportions

       Fighting Game - Guilty Gear (whatever the current version is)
       Racing Game - Project Gotham series
       FPS - F.E.A.R., Prey, or BF2
       TPS - Gears of War
       RTS - Total Anhiliation
       Action/Adventure - Just Cause
       RPG - Oblivion

Cars - I like fast cars mostly, but I like working on any car... for that matter I like fixing / repairing / modifying anything mechanical
Favorite Cars:
       RX-7 - No pistons FTW. A nearly perfect design physically both in aerodynamics and weight distribution (hooray for the Wankel rotary engine); not to mention the fuel efficiency for the kind of power it creates is phenominal (again hooray for Wankel).
       SL 500 AMG - What's better than the fastest stock automatic car in the world?
       Corvette C6 - I haven't really liked the 'vette's styling until this generation.
       Nissasn Z series - every generation was simply amazing.
       Mustang - what can I say that hasn't been said already.

Woodworking - If you have never done anything creative with a piece of wood you might not understand, but not much is more calming than carving a block slowly into a recognizable form. It's almost zen-like, not to mention whenever I finished a piece I had a new gutar or bass to play with.

Electronics - I like installing electronic equiptment and have lots of experience doing it for clubs and home theatres

Electric Bass - Technically I have been playing for about 2 years, but I probably have the skill of someone who has played for less than a year.

Music - Of course I like music. What kind of music do I listen to? Of course my answer is good music, but here are some examples to give you an idea of the soundtrack to my life.

       Arctic Monkeys
       Dennis Chambers
       George Clinton (and the P-Funk)
       Jimi Hendrix
       Massive Attack
       Method Man
       MF Doom
       The Vines
Contact Info:
Email: Russ.Hochenedel@gmail.com
Phone: ( 425 ) 241 - 8750
Resume: doc file