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Russell Hochenedel
Here are some projects I have worked on for class at Digipen. For any project you can download, a readme is included in the rar file to teach you how to pilot it. If you need something that can decompress rar files, I recommend WinRAR from http://www.rarlab.com/

Current Project: My most exciting project I am currently working on is a form of motion detection in a series of image. It is a two man project. Our goal is to be able to identify multiple moving objects with a moving camera. The potential application is to aid pilots in spotting planes which are below the horizon to help avoid potential mid-air collisions.
Parallax Occlusion Mapping: In this project, I have implemented a complete 3D renderer in software; it uses OpenGl simply to draw pixels to the screen and I am emulating the graphics pipeline in c++. It can render polygons, texture them, bump map them and parallax map them. Because it is in software it is a little slow when everything is turned on. You can download it here. Get the Source here.
Ray Tracer: This ray tracer can display several geometric primatives including polygons, spheres, ellipsoids, and boxes. It uses phong lighting with point lights. It has soft shadows and addaptive anti-aliasing. It's pretty slow, but hey, it's ray tracing. You can download it here. Get the Source here.
Curve Drawing: This app draws lines using the De'Castleju algorithm and the DeBoor algorithm. You can download it here. Get the source here.
2D renderer (pinball): This will draw 2D primatives such as: a multiple segment line, triangles, convex polygons, axis aligned boxes, cirlces. It also has real-time 2D physics for collisions with the circles and all other objects. You can download it here.
Parallax Mapping
(self shadows turned off)
Bump Mapping
OpenGl fixed function
Contact Info:
Email: Russ.Hochenedel@gmail.com
Phone: ( 425 ) 241 - 8750
Resume: doc file