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Russell Hochenedel
Game Programming:
       Graphics - I've implemented a total of five graphics engines including:

               a 3D hardware shader basred rasterizer using DirectX for a game with techniques such as Phong illumination from multiple point lights, HDR bloom, a form of vertex motion blur and even a full screen blur effect to make the menus prettier. I am still implementing new effects for this, currntly I am attempting heat shimmer effect, both as a full screen effect for the level with lava everywhere and an effect for particles on torches and any other fires in the game. After that I will be working on Extruded Volumetric Shadows and HDR Tone Mapping to improve the lighting scheme a bit.

               a 3D software rasterizer using openGL emulating the full graphics pipeline and added effects of bump mapping and  parallax mapping

               a 3D software rasterizer using windows GDI
               a ray tracer using windows GDI

               a 2D software rasterizer using windows GDI
               Has implemented lighting schemes such as Phong illumination and Gourad shading.
               Has implemented advanced graphical effects such as HDR Bloom, full screen heat
                       shimmer, and parallax occlusion mapping

       Physics - I have written three physics engines, one 2D the others 3D. Has applied or helped
               integrate physics code into a total of five projects or games.

       Sound - I have written a 3D sound engine in FmodEx.

       A.I. - I have written the base behavior and structure of enemy units for one game

       I have strong math skills in calculus, linear algebra, and Bezier Curves

Development Tools:
       Microsoft Visual Studio version 6, 7, 8
       3Ds Max version 7, 8

       C++ - 7 years
       C - 4 years
       C# - less than 1 year
       Java - less than 1 year
       Intel x86 Assembly - less than 1 year

Other Professional Skills:
       Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excell, Microsoft Powerpoint

Completely Unrelated Skills: Thats right, I am capable of more than just programming :-P
       I can hand make electric guitars and basses. I used to do this with a friend in Texas. We start from a block of wood for the body, if we want a layered look, we laminate several sheets of wood together to make a new block. Next we cut out the overall shape of the body and carve the details. (below are some of the guitars I have made)
       I can design and install sound and lighting systems meant for Home Theatres and Clubs. I used to be an apprentice electricion in Texas.

Contact Info:
Email: Russ.Hochenedel@gmail.com
Phone: ( 425 ) 241 - 8750
Resume: doc file