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Russell Hochenedel
Download Directory
This is all stuff you can get elsewhere on my site, but I thought I would provide an easy place to download them all

For Agamemnon's Curse and Fling, since they are large collaborative projects, I have stripped everyone else's code and all the art assets.

Agamemnon's Curse: my senior year game at Digipen. We had a team of 5 which has now dropped to 4
Agamemnon's Curse Source last updated: Mar 13, 2007
What I did: I Implemented a shader based 3d graphics engine using directX. I implemented phong illumination with multiple point lights for rendering. I implemented HDR bloom effect for a more realistic look to the lighting.

Fling: my Junior year game at Digipen. Team of 4
Fling Source
What I did: My part of the project included implementing a 3d Physics engine optimized enough to support up to 800 AI controlled units while keeping a constant framerate of at least 30 frames per second for synchronization reasons.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping: advanced 3D rendering techniques
Parallax Occlusion Mapping Source
What I did: This is an experiment showing the different methods of rendering parallax mapping. It has 4 different implementations displaying the weaknesses of each method. It is rendered completely in software from a 3D rasterizer I wrote from scratch.

Ray Tracing: A 3D ray tracer with soft shadows and adaptive anti-aliasing
Ray Tracing Source
What I did: This is a ray tracer with a feature set including: rendering of spheres, boxes, polygons, and capsules, Full screen adaptive anti-aliasing, soft shadows, phong illumination for local illumination, and iterative ray tracing for global illumination.

Curves: a curve drawing application employing both th3e DeCastlejue and DeBoor algorithms
Curves Source
What I did: This displays two curves, one generated by the DeBoor algorithm, and one by the De'Castleju
Contact Info:
Email: Russ.Hochenedel@gmail.com
Phone: ( 425 ) 241 - 8750
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